Welcome to the Buddies of the Brill website.

The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 966 approached Thunder Bay City Council in 2001 to purchase two Brill Trolley buses that had been sitting in a scrap yard in Richmond B.C..

The Brill trolleys were manufactured here in Thunder Bay after the Second World War at the Canadian Car Foundry in what was then Fort William.

The plan was to purchase the two trolleys, restore them to their original exterior colours one representing the Fort William system and one the Port Arthur system.

The city gave the Union $12,000.00 dollars to purchase and transport the trolleys which was completed in 2001 as the first phase of the project. The second restoration phase was completed in 2007 and both Trolleys were shown as part of Thunder Bay Transit's 115th Anniversary. The third and final phase for the Trolleys is now underway with the formation of the Buddies of the Brill. The Buddies of the Brill is a non-profit organization dedicated to locating a home for the restored Brill Trolleys as part of a a permanent display for the rich transit history that Thunder Bay offers.

Anyone can become a Buddy see our Become a Buddy`s page.

All donations go 100 per cent to the relocation of the Brill Trolleys and the maintenance of the display of the Brill`s and related transit artifacts and history.

All volunteers to the support of this program are just that volunteers. To learn more about the Brill Trolley Buses and their history please check out our history page.

Sponsors: The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 966 City of Thunder Bay